Zainab’s Story

ZAINAB KASSIM is an orphan and her parents both died when she and her younger brother and sister were very small. Zainab’s mother died in 2001 before her father and in 2006 her father passed away, too. After the death of their parents, Zainab and her siblings went to live with an aunt, uncle, and cousins in a very small room in Arusha. I’ve visited the home many times, and it was no more than a 10 feet by 10 feet room.

Zainab was previously sponsored by an organization that assisted her
with attending school. However, they stopped sponsoring her after she decided to obtain her certificate in business after learning the organization was not going to assist her with university. Because it is very difficult to be hired for a job with only a certificate, Zainab reached out to Scolastica to ask for our help so that she could continue with her studies.

Scolastica was able to help Zainab with school fees, supplies, accommodation, and food for the 2 years it took to earn her diploma in business. Zainab is now in university in the capital city, Dar-es-Salaam, where she studies business and accounting. She completed an internship with the Tanzanian Revenue Association (the equivalent of the IRS) and has assisted Scolastica immensely particularly during travel restrictions, with taking the younger girls back-to-school shopping, and keeping all receipts and records – great practice for her future profession as an accountant.

Zainab has no family to turn to since her parents are deceased and her aunt and uncle are very poor. She is also brilliant (her final GPA was 3.8 in her diploma courses and she’s currently earning all As and Bs in her university courses), capable, extremely responsible with finances, trustworthy, and kind. With your help, we will continue to help Zainab earn her university degree so that she can someday support herself and her family.