Meet Nureen & Listen to Her Story Posted November 23, 2013 by Gwyneth Hesser


Meet Nureen: She was #1 in her class out of 400 students her first year of government high school. Her goal is to become a heart surgeon.

Nureen only received a half-day of education due to teacher shortages. Often her teachers didn’t show up to teach class. In one class, a teacher didn’t appear for a month.

In Tanzania, one national exam determines whether a student can continue to the second half of high school. Each year, the pass rate for students decreases significantly. Last year, 84% of students at Nureen’s government school could not continue to 11th grade.

At Scolastica, our goal is to help Nureen and other bright girls receive a quality education that allows them to complete high school, continue to university, and be leaders in their communities.

In the long term, educating girls is shown to reduce early pregnancy and HIV infection rates while increasing household incomes, access to health care and education for future generations.

Thanks to you, Nureen is now attending an incredible private school with an excellent national exam pass rate and a focus on sciences that will help ensure Nureen achieves her goal of becoming a heart surgeon.

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