Thank you, Kelly!!! Posted September 3, 2013 by Gwyneth Hesser


Kelly Kirk was a good friend of mine in junior high school. Over the years we lived in different cities and lost touch directly, but stayed connected a bit through the magical world of facebook.  Recently, I posted on facebook asking if anyone knew how to make a free webpage for a non-profit. I was just planning on sending out an email to friends/family to try to raise school fees for 4 amazing girls but figured I could reach more people (like through facebook) if I could post a link to a webpage.  Within minutes Kelly replied, offered to set up a website for free, and by the end of the weekend she purchased the domain name and this website was basically finished. And throughout the following weeks any time I had an editing question (which are many because I am completely tech inept), Kelly has replied instantly and/or just gone in and edited things for me. She has been both professional and a friend simultaneously and I am so incredibly impressed with her quick turn around time and quality of work. I don’t know what the outcome will be in terms of fundraising for Scolastica, Rabia, Rahma and Nureen but if you all end up being as fast and generous as Kelly, these girls will have school fees in no time.  Kelly has her own marketing company and if you ever need marketing services, I’d say run to Kelly. She is amazing.