For anyone with a limited income who isn’t able to donate, there are still plenty of ways to help these wonderful girls get to school. Passing along this website to your friends and family with a personal message is one.  Also, holding any type of fundraising event – from something as simple as a casual day at work where everyone puts money in a tin in order to dress down, to organizing a bake sale at church, to hosting a dinner party – any of these would be AMAZING!  (See below for more ideas). Any way that spreads the word and gets others involved is a great (and free) way to contribute!

If you are able to hold a fundraising event, that would be wonderful!!    This puts the word out to new people and will help get us closer to our goal.  Some ideas:

    • runner friends!  run a race/marathon and ask people to sponsor you (either for Scolastica, Rabia, Rahma or Nureen), maybe encourage your runner friends to do it too and get a whole team!
    • coffee loving friends!  ask a local coffee shop to keep a coffee can by the register asking for funds for Scolastica education fund
    • office working friends!   forward an email to your coworkers with a link to this website and keep a donation box on your desk
    • brownie loving friends!  organize a bake sale at work or school to donate proceeds
    • game loving friends!  host a game night at your house where people put money into a pot if they lose
    • musician friends!  make your next concert a benefit show – or mention the girls during the show and pass around a basket
    • religious friends!   speak to the head of your church/synagogue/mosque/temple to see if they are interested in helping our girls (for example, maybe one service’s collection can be dedicated to Scolastica)
    • sports loving friends!  organize a sporting event (like a soccer match) where the losing team has to donate a certain amount
    • teacher friends!   help start a club at your school for students to brainstorm ways to help Scolastica, Rabia, Rahma and Nureen – have students compete on teams for who can raise the most funds

Please send us an email to keep us posted on what you’re planning and how much you expect to raise and if there’s any way we can help.

Thank you!!