We would LOVE if you can volunteer with Scolastica!  Here are some potential volunteer opportunities that would be so helpful and we’d really appreciate:

  • Development volunteer:   Use your research and writing skills to identify potential grants and help us apply for them.  Now that we have 501c3 status there are many more funding opportunities out there.  And the more funds we can raise, the more girls we can help.
  • Video volunteer:   Use your knowledge of video editing (and yes, even just knowing how to use imovie on your laptop is more advanced than what most of us on the board know how to do so would be helpful!) to help put together footage of the girls into videos.  We’d also really love to make one video for the organization that introduces each girl and explains what we do.
  • Brochure and newsletter volunteer:   If you’re able to use your graphic design and computer skills to help us create a brochure and also our next newsletter, that would be wonderful!
  • Event planner volunteer:   Use your event planning skills to create an annual fundraiser for Scolastica!  We would love to have one big event once a year to get the word out, thank existing donors, and introduce our organization to new people.  Our donors are from all over the country and the world but a large portion are in the NY/NJ area so the event would likely be in NYC.  This could include identifying a guest speaker, finding a venue, asking for catering companies, venues, or distributors to donate food/drink, sending invitations, etc.

Since all of our board members are volunteers with full time jobs, and some are caring for children (another full time job!), it’s a challenge getting everything accomplished that we’d like in order to be as effective as possible – and help as many girls as we can.  Your assistance as a volunteer would be extremely helpful!