How You Know Your Funds Are Being Used Appropriately Posted September 24, 2013 by Gwyneth Hesser


In September 2013, Scolastica registered as a non-profit corporation in New Jersey, U.S.  All donations received (through PayPal, check or cash) go into the business bank account of Scolastica, Inc.  What sets us apart from so many other organizations is that with a volunteer Board and no employees or salaries, there are no administrative costs.  That means every donation goes directly to the girls’ school fees, health care, uniforms and school supplies.

Please visit our School Costs page to see exactly where donations are going and our expenses in 2013 (which paid for school supplies and school fees for Rabia, Rahma, Nureen and Scolastica’s first term of 2014).  Every dollar spent in 2013 is accounted for on that page.  One of our board members is currently putting that info together in a much more professional looking Annual Financial Report, which we hope to have on the website shortly.  We will make similar reports every year and keep them all on this website.

And great news!  In August 2014, Scolastica received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS — so now all donations are tax deductible!